For Physicians

When referring a patient to Debra Wood, Lic Ac, MAcOM, you can expect:

  • My Initial Evaluation, including results from applicable physical exams, and my Treatment Plan.
  • Recommendations for additional therapies that would benefit your patient. Including, but not limited to, lifestyle changes, nutritional guidance, stretching and strengthening regimens, breathing exercises.
  • Timely detailed reports on your patient's improvement and change in condition.
  • Support of your adjunctive treatment recommendations.
  • My commitment to high quality care.
  • Return of your patient to your office.

Why choose Traditional Chinese Medicine for your patient?

  • Your patient requests it.
  • Your patient is already experimenting with various alternative therapies and you want to feel confident that they are getting professional care.
  • Your patient has received multiple therapies and is still experiencing problematic symptoms and pain.
  • To minimize the probability of your patient requiring surgery.
  • Your patient would like to diminish side effects from medications he/she is taking.
  • Your patient is looking for ways to accentuate their life through preventative health management.

Click here for an in-depth biomedical discussion on how Traditional Chinese Medicine works as well as some of the latest evidence based research.

If you are unsure if Traditional Chinese Medicine is right for your patient, I encourage you to contact Debra Wood.

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